– Tips and Tricks of Applying for Medicaid

This is general advice and may not apply to every situation. It is no substitute for consultation with an attorney and should not be considered legal advice. Please contact Elders Healthcare Services if you have questions, concerns or to set up a consultation with our team!

  • The spouse who is not receiving Medicaid should update their Will and all beneficiary designations to disinherit the spouse who is to receive Medicaid. If the healthy spouse dies first, the spouse under Medicaid will be kicked off of Medicaid when they receive inheritance until all of the inheritance is spent
  • You can gift up to $500 per month TOTAL, NOT per person. This may be done even after receiving Medicaid.
  • You can keep your supplemental health insurance while on Medicaid. The premium is deductible from your patient pay liability.
  • You are entitled to free home modifications (paid by the government) if you are eligible for Medicaid but choose to remain in your home rather than enter a facility.
  • You are eligible for Medicaid if you want to receive skilled care in your home.
  • Medicaid applications can be submitted up to three months after the Medicaid eligibility date and are retroactive to that date.
  • The non-applicant spouse’s IRA and income are exempt from consideration or availability towards the cost of care.
  • Life insurance with a cash value could be an available asset for Medicaid eligibility.

About Elders Healthcare Services: Medicaid Application Services

Applying for Medicaid can be a needlessly complicated process. With piles of paperwork to complete, the smallest typo or missed step can set you back days or weeks. EHS IS HERE TO SAVE YOU FROM THAT

We take the time to talk to you and understand your unique situation; only then do we lay out a plan to move forward. Simply put, we don’t see files, we see faces, and we’ll be here for you every step of the way to get you the help you need. And get it to you fast.

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