Pooled income trust (PIT) is a 3rd-party bill-paying solution provided & our expertise guarantees that you receive the Medicaid you need.

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Why Elder Healthcare Services?

Easy Process

Application requirements are daunting, applications can get exhausting, and rejection is usual. Let’s facilitate matters and make your life easier!

Care & Assistance

We help our clients in achieving their goals for better health & a greater life. With our support, we can help find the perfect caregiver just for you.

Excellent Customer Services

Our experienced team is always ready to assist and support you, alleviating any issues or concerns you may have. Get started today!

Pooled Income Trust (PIT)

We believe that everyone, regardless of income level, should be eligible for Medicaid!

That is why Elderly HCS ensures that our patients follow their medication regimen so that we can provide them with the best type of Medicaid (LTC Medicaid).

How it works?

Pooled Income Trust (PIT) is a bill-payment service provided by a third party!

The government will be able to keep track of your spending and ensure that you are paying your bills with your extra income. When that’s out of the way, qualifying for Medicaid can be quick and easy!

Our Process


Our step by step process can guide you through it all!

First, we meet

We take the time to walk you through every step of the process & make sure you’re comfortable moving forward. Then we’ll let you know exactly what we need to get started. We’re happy to offer home visits as well.

Then we apply

Our busy lifestyles can prevent us from doing the simplest of things, That is why our team will personally hand-deliver your application to Medicaid, avoiding the unnecessary hassle, stress, and time

Our Care

You’ve just been approved, we can now assure you the best healthcare, putting our patients first so they enhance in life and excel in care, knowing the people you love are being taken care of

Let's Talk About a Healthier Tomorrow!

Call us today to help you navigate and structure your financials resources to ensure Medicaid acceptance

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